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Commercial Security Solutions

BAP has been installing Electronic Security System Solutions for over 47 years.

We can install proven solutions to meet your security needs.

We can install cutting edge solutions featuring new technology.

We can install Intrusion Detection System and even have systems that are rated for Combination Fire …

Educational Security Solutions

BAP Security has years of experience providing electronic security to educational systems.


We can provide:

Intrusion Detection Systems (Burglar Alarms)

Fire Alarm Systems

Access Control and ID Systems

Entry Turnstiles

Integrated Entry Security

Video Surveillance

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Server Rooms



Lock the main entrance of a school and …

Residential Security Solutions


BAP Security has been installing security solutions to protect your home for 47 years.


We have the experience. We install equipment that is proven to work reliably. No cutting corners to give you a cheap solution that doesn’t work.  We can install wireless and hybrid hardwired/wireless combination security solutions to meet …