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Fire Protection

Commercial Fire Protection

ADDRESSABLE FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANELS   Compatible Applications • Small to medium facilities including:

– Banks – Cinemas – Department Stores – Food Stores – Restaurants – Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools) – Strip Malls – Small Retail Outlet Stores – Apartment Complexes

• Mid-Rise Buildings

– Dormitories – Small Motels – Small Hotels …

Fire Alarm Sensors


Monitored Smoke Detectors Whether you are home or away, monitored smoke detectors are always heard. There is no better way to protect your loved ones and possessions from the ravages of fire. Installing  smoke detectors with your security system significantly increases the chances that everyone will get out safely and help will arrive …

Residential Fire Protection

Smoke detectors that are part of a professionally installed alarm system may offer several advantages.

1. They sound the alarm system’s main sirens, alerting those within hearing distance.

2. They can alert occupants on a different floor of smoke if there is a smoke detector and adequate sirens on each level.  For example, a problem …