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Commercial Fire Protection



Compatible Applications

• Small to medium facilities including:

– Banks
– Cinemas
– Department Stores
– Food Stores
– Restaurants
– Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools)
– Strip Malls
– Small Retail Outlet Stores
– Apartment Complexes

• Mid-Rise Buildings

– Dormitories
– Small Motels
– Small Hotels
– Extended Stay Facilities

• Commercial buildings including:

– Manufacturing
– Warehousing
– Telecommunication Systems
– Corporate Headquarters:

• Healthcare including:

– Smaller Hospitals and Clinics
– Nursing Homes
– Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities

Potter Signal

The AFC-1000 is an expandable analog/addressable releasing fire alarm system with a total system capacity of 1270 addresses. Additional capacity on the system is achieved using multi-point SLC modules The control panel utilizes the exclusive Potter protocol that includes a complete line of sensors and modules. The system is expandable with a total of nine additional addressable Signaling Line Circuits (SLC) each with a maximum of 127 devices. Each SLC may be comprised of any combination of smoke sensor, heat detectors or modules and allows for a total of 50 ohms of impedance and may use any wire compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The AFC-1000 has a 10 Amp power supply with six Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) and four Input/Output (I/O) circuits. The NACs are rated at 3 Amps each and the I/Os are rated at 1 Amp each. Each output is regulated and power limited. In addition, each output is uniquely programmable and may be configured for steady signal, strobe synchronization, constant power, door holder power, or releasing. The strobe synchronization includes Gentex, AMSECO, System Sensor and Cooper/Wheelock and with the exclusive Quadrasync each output may have a unique brand and all strobes will flash together. The I/Os are designed for inputs such as manual release stations and abort switches that will not require polling and react nearly instantaneously.

The NACs may be expanded using the PSN-1000 series intelligent power supplies. Each PSN-1000 adds another 10 Amps of power, 2 additional input circuits and the AFC-1000 will support up to 31 power supplies. The system will synchronize the strobes system wide. In addition, the PSN-1000E has space to allow the installation of up to six PAD100-SLCE SLC loop expansion cards. The cards mount on a stacker bracket that allows access to all SLC circuit connections.



The ES-200X is the latest intelligent addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) from Fire•Lite Alarms and is a direct replacement for the MS-9200UDLS. The ES-200X comes with a pre-installed communicator
and supports up to 198 addressable devices (99 detectors and 99 modules). With an extensive list of powerful features, the ES-200X programs just like Fire•Lite’s other addressable products, yet fits into applications previously served only by conventional panels.

The pre-installed IPOTS-COM is a dual technology (POTS and IP) communicator. The POTS transmits system status (alarms, troubles, AC loss, etc.) to a Central Station via the public switched telephone
network. The IP communicator’s internet monitoring capability sends alarm signals over the Internet saving the monthly cost of two dedicated business telephone lines. Although not required, the secondary
telephone line may be retained providing backup communication over the public switched telephone line. Optional cellular reporting is available using the CELL-MOD or CELL-CAB-FL.

Remote and local programming of the control panel is possible using the FS-Tools Upload/Download utility. Programming databases can be uploaded/downloaded via the panel’s USB port (and USB cable) or via an ethernet connection using the IPOTS-COM communicator. The USB port also allows for the download or upload of the entire program, history file, walk-test data, current status and system voltages by means of a USB flash drive.

The power supply and all electronics are contained on a circuit board supported on a new quick install  chassis and housed in a metal cabinet. Available accessories include local and remote upload/download software, remote annunciators, and reverse polarity/city box transmitter (4XTMF).