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Commercial Fire Protection


Compatible Applications

• Small to medium facilities including:

– Banks
– Cinemas
– Department Stores
– Food Stores
– Restaurants
– Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools)
– Strip Malls
– Small Retail Outlet Stores
– Apartment Complexes

• Mid-Rise Buildings

– Dormitories
– Small Motels
– Small Hotels
– Extended Stay Facilities

• Commercial buildings including:

– Manufacturing
– Warehousing
– Telecommunication Systems
– Corporate Headquarters:

• Healthcare including:

– Smaller Hospitals and Clinics
– Nursing Homes
– Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities

Our Prefered System is:

Potter Signal

The AFC-1000 is an expandable analog/addressable releasing fire alarm system with a total system capacity of 1270 addresses. Additional capacity on the system is achieved using multi-point SLC modules The control panel utilizes the exclusive Potter protocol that includes a complete line of sensors and modules. The system is expandable with a total of nine additional addressable Signaling Line Circuits (SLC) each with a maximum of 127 devices. Each SLC may be comprised of any combination of smoke sensor, heat detectors or modules and allows for a total of 50 ohms of impedance and may use any wire compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The AFC-1000 has a 10 Amp power supply with six Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) and four Input/Output (I/O) circuits. The NACs are rated at 3 Amps each and the I/Os are rated at 1 Amp each. Each output is regulated and power limited. In addition, each output is uniquely programmable and may be configured for steady signal, strobe synchronization, constant power, door holder power, or releasing. The strobe synchronization includes Gentex, AMSECO, System Sensor and Cooper/Wheelock and with the exclusive Quadrasync each output may have a unique brand and all strobes will flash together. The I/Os are designed for inputs such as manual release stations and abort switches that will not require polling and react nearly instantaneously.

We also install and service systems from Firelite, Silent Knight and napco among others.





Sprinkler System Monitoring Solution

Lower Cost Solution for Sprinkler System Monitoring with Integrated Cellular Communicator Lowest Equipment Cost Available for Any Full-Featured Cell Reporting Fire Alarm Solution Saves Both Installation Time & Money FACP: 8 to 32 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel (Firewolf®), 8 conventional fire zones, suitable for 2-wire fire, expandable to 32; 2 programmable NAC circuits, …

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