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Intrusion Panel Comparison



Neo Touchscreen Keypad

Alarm Control Panel Comparison

System Feature 2Gig Rely 2GIG Qolsys IQ Panel NX-8/8E DSC NEO 16/32/64/128 iotega 

2GIG Rely

2GIG GoControl 2

Qolsys IQ Panel 2


Touchscreen keypad for Networx

Neo Touchscreen Keypad



Max Zone Capacity 16 security zones – wireless only 50 (2 HW, 48 Wireless) 59 – up to 2 Hardwired 196 Zones Hardwired, Wireless Up to 128  Up to 99
Maximum Partitions 1 1 1 8 8  1
 User Codes  8 32 242 100 Up to 1000  50
 Wireless Zone Capability  Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
 Touchscreen Keypad No 4.3 Inch Standard Yes – 7″ standard Available – LCD keypad is standard Available – LCD keypad is standard Coming soon
 Phone Line Reporting No Optional No Yes  Yes No
IP Reporting   No No No Available  Available  Yes – Built-in
 Cellular Reporting  Embedded Cellular Optional Embedded Cellular Available Available Available
 Interactive Web and Smartphone Control  SecureNet Available – Yes – Alarm.Com Available – Available – Alarm.Com  Available – Securenet
 Z-Wave Home Automation  No Built-In Z-Wave Radio Built-In Z-Wave Radio Available Available Z-Wave Built-in
 Wireless Keypad App – Tablet, Smartphone Available Securenet App Alarm.Com App Alarm.Com App App  Alarm.Com App  Securenet app
 Sirens Built-in Built-in, Wireless Interior Built-in

wireless interior available

Available Available  Built-in, wireless available
Siren Supervision  – Yes Yes
 Relay Support  – Available Available
 Keyfob Support Yes – up to 8 Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
 Built-In Camera  No No Yes – 5MP alarm and disarm photos No  No  No
 Weather Forecast No  Available Available No  No  No
Severe NoWeather Alerts   No  Available Available  No  No  No
Image Sensor Compatible No Yes Yes No Yes No
 Software Upgradeable  Yes  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes

2GIG Rely – Affordable Security Made Easy

Our most affordable system starting at $259

The 2GIG® Rely™ is the industry’s most aesthetically pleasing and smallest, self-contained security system. The console can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter or desk with the included desk mount, and is powered by a power supply with battery backup.

Features • …

Alarm.Com Module

Our Advanced System Services go beyond simply arming and disarming your system from the web and/or your smartphone. Some advanced features include:


Sensor Notification – Use sensor notification to let you know of access to areas even when the system is disarmed.  Monitor silver drawers, liquor and gun cabinets, etc…



DSC’s new Iotega incorporates PowerG wireless technology—providing a fully encrypted security system with end-to-end 128-bit AES; two-way proximity sensors; built-in siren; visual verification; and 99 user codes—all accessible by remote, interactive smart services.

iotega supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, and Ethernet, together with optional 3G and LTE communicators which work with a …

QOLSYS – Quality Of Life Panel


  HOME SECURITY Security is more than just scaring away intruders. It’s about having an easy to use home security system that works with your lifestyle and integrates all the innovations available with today’s technology.   CONTROL We live in a connected world, and your mobile device becomes a window into your home whether …

Residential Intrusion – 2GIG

Go!Control Control Panel One of the latest and most advanced security and home management solutions in the industry. 2gig introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system: Color Touch Screen Display Fully Self Contained Snap-in GSM Radio Remotely Control Panel Settings Two-way Voice Over cellular Over-the-air Update Functionality Built-in Z-Wave Home Control Customer Messaging …

Residential Intrusion Detection – Networx

NetworX: advanced technology for your home


The NetworX NX-8 is a full-featured security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection. The NX-8 is a flexible security system that is both easy to install and simple to use. With eight partitions and up to 48 zones, the NX-8 can handle …

Specialty Sensors – Residential


Home Disaster Sensor – Protects against Flood, Freeze and Overheating. Compatible with any of our panels that can use wireless devices. Uses 3 zones to differentiate the trouble condition.


Driveway Sensor – Compatible with any of our panels that support wireless sensors. Much lower cost than standalone driveway alert units.


For sensing …