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Alarm.Com Module

Our Advanced System Services go beyond simply arming and disarming your system from the web and/or your smartphone. Some advanced features include:


Sensor Notification – Use sensor notification to let you know of access to areas even when the system is disarmed.  Monitor silver drawers, liquor and gun cabinets, etc…


Light and Appliance Automation – Control lights and appliances manually from your smartphone or website or link their actions to schedules or system events.  For example, set lights to turn off when you arm, turn on when you disarm or when the system goes into alarm.


Smart Thermostat – Much more than a programmable thermostat. The system learns how you use the system and how your HVAC system operates in your house to intelligently have your home at the temperature you want when you want it.


Lock Control – Integrate Z-wave locks with the system. You can even set the system to disarm your system when you unlock your doors.


Garage Door Control – Never forget to close your garage door again.


Geo Services – Have your system alert you if travel beyond your home zone without arming your system.


Weather Info/Severe Weather Alerts – Available on some of our new touchscreen panels.  See weather forecasts and more importantly be alerted to dangerous weather situations.


Energy Management – We have the capability interface with the Smart Thermostat as well as home energy monitoring and many smart energy modules now coming onto the market.


Image Sensor – A system motion detector that can also capture images on a schedule or on alarm.  Get a picture of your children arriving home from school and see a picture of who is in your house during an alarm.


Video Integration – Integrate video with your system with a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras to keep an eye on your home. Look in on your home at anytime with your smartphone or from a web browser.  Have videoclips intelligently sent to you based on settings you determine.


NOTES – Not all features are available with all systems.


Most features available are included in our interactive gold plan. Some features require additional monthly cost.


Many system devices above use Z-wave modules for communication. Z-wave devices use wireless communication and must have sufficient signal.  We do not guarantee that any device can talk to the controller at any distance. If required, additional Z-wave modules may need to be installed to bridge any communication gaps.

We recommend that Smart Thermostats be installed by your HVAC contractor. We recommend that Z-wave switches and receptacles be installed by your electrician.