There is a rash of outdoor AC unit thefts in our area.

Thieves are stealing the copper from outdoor AC units.  In the process of stealing the copper coils from your Air Conditioner they are doing damage that many times can cost you several thousand dollars to repair.  They are primarily stealing from businesses but some homes are also being targeted.  Also be aware that many businesses have multiple outdoor units and it is not unusual for the thieves to damage or steal multiple units from a business.

We now carry an innovative solution to cause an alarm on your BAP alarm system if a thief tries to steal or damage your outdoor AC unit.  Our device can sense the cover being removed or the unit being tilted to gain access along with supervising a wire cut to the unit.  Call our office at 478-746-6000 for more information on adding this protection that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses at your home or business.

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