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What Homeowners’ Insurance Discounts Are You Missing? – Real Estate News and Advice –

ByDeirdre Woollard10:24 am ETMay 7, 2013May 7, 2013 Homeowners insurance isn’t a topic that most people like to think about except as the funny/scary ‘Mayhem’ ads for Allstate. For first-time

Source: What Homeowners’ Insurance Discounts Are You Missing? – Real Estate News and Advice –

Often Missed Protection

What Are You Missing?

When you think about alarm protection, what do you think about?

Doors and Windows?

Motions and/or Glassbreak Detectors?

Smoke Detectors?

Home Automation?

There are some important protection points that are rarely installed by most people and can be critical protection for your home.

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Car Theft Trick

Avoid this trick to make you vulnerable to car theft. Make sure you, your family and your friends are aware of this.

Summer Home Safety Tips

The Home Safety Council offers tips to keep your home safe this summer.

Turn Up the Lights


Put bright lights over porches and walkways in the front and back.

Lock It Up


All doors to the outside should have working locks. Garage and shed doors need working locks too. All windows should have …

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Vacation Security Tips

A lot of people are headed away from home this week to visit family for Easter and other spring holidays.  While you are away there are simple precautions you should consider taking to protect your home while you are away.

Arm your alarm system.

Stop deliveries of the newspaper or get a neighbor to collect …

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Avalanche Break-in

I don’t know where this article originated from but it is worth reading.

You’ll find this interesting.  The criminals are getting smarter all the time.

This is a true story. I am sharing it with you in the hope that it will inform you of the potential of theft to your property and the …

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