Let Us Help You Meet New Camera Requirements For Alcohol Code In Bibb County

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Macon/Bibb County Requirements from the article linked above

How many cameras do I need?

Package to go retailers need enough cameras to capture the face and clothing of any person (1) entering through any public entrance to the business; or (2) any person making any purchase from the business.

Bars and nightclubs need enough cameras to capture the face and clothing of any person (1) entering through any public entrance to the business; (2) standing outside of the business but within fifty feet of any entrance; (3) making any purchase from any fixed point of sale within the business; and (4) on any dance floor or in any similar area within the business.

Cameras must meet the following criteria to comply with this Ordinance:

  • The camera is producing an image with a 1080p High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution or greater;
  • The camera must operate at a minimum frame rate of 15 frames per second;
  • The camera must be capable of producing clear images of the faces and clothing of the people listed above in all actual lighting conditions used inside or outside of the business;
  • The camera must be able to save images to a film, tape, or digital media that can be permanently stored and enlarged as needed; and (it looks like the original article cut off what was supposed yo go here, but it looks like it should be a requirement to have video available for 30 days)


How can BAP Security help you?

  • We can help you choose the correct cameras to meet the requirements. For example, you must capture video of anyone entering any public entrance. Many standard and low-cost box-store and DIY cameras do  not support WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which will enable you to capture a good quality image even when the exterior lighting outside the entrance is different than the interior lighting.
  • We can offer modern IP cameras or even cameras that can be upgraded using existing coax cabling.
  • We can make the calculations to ensure that  your system can meet the 15fps(frames per second) and 30 days retention recording requirements.
  • We offer good quality equipment choices.
  • Our personnel will work with you to meet the results you need.

Don’t get caught not being in compliance with the new code.

What is the penalty for non-compliance?

Non-compliant businesses may be cited and fined up to $1,000 per occurrence, and individuals may be jailed for periods not to exceed six months. Additional adverse actions may also be taken against the alcohol licenses of any violators, up to and including the suspension or revocation of all alcohol licenses held by a licensee.

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