More Vacation Security Tips

Last time we gave you a few tips about making your home more safe, this time we will look at some vacation family security.

Leave any non-essential credit cards and identification papers at home rather than carrying them around in your purse or wallet.

Write down the contact numbers for all your credit cards and keep a copy in a seperate location so you can cancel them if they are stolen.

Men – don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket; move it to the front.

Women – don’t carry around designer handbags or wear expensive jewelry – both are advertisements to thieves.

Consider carrying a dummy wallet that you can give to thieves in case you are robbed.

If traveling out of the country – make a copy of your passport and try to use that when possible rather than the real thing. Will also help if you lose the real one.

Don’t be too trusting of the security of your belongings in the hotel room – cleaning and maintenance people have access when you are out.

Be Safe and have a great summer.

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