There is a rash of outdoor AC unit thefts in our area.

Thieves are stealing the copper from outdoor AC units.  In the process of stealing the copper coils from your Air Conditioner they are doing damage that many times can cost you several thousand dollars to repair.  They are primarily stealing from businesses but some homes are also being targeted.  Also be aware that many businesses have multiple outdoor units and it is not unusual for the thieves to damage or steal multiple units from a business.

We now carry an innovative solution to cause an alarm on your BAP alarm system if a thief tries to steal or damage your outdoor AC unit.  Our device can sense the cover being removed or the unit being tilted to gain access along with supervising a wire cut to the unit.  Call our office at 478-746-6000 for more information on adding this protection that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses at your home or business.

More Vacation Security Tips

Last time we gave you a few tips about making your home more safe, this time we will look at some vacation family security.

Leave any non-essential credit cards and identification papers at home rather than carrying them around in your purse or wallet.

Write down the contact numbers for all your credit cards and keep a copy in a seperate location so you can cancel them if they are stolen.

Men – don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket; move it to the front.

Women – don’t carry around designer handbags or wear expensive jewelry – both are advertisements to thieves.

Consider carrying a dummy wallet that you can give to thieves in case you are robbed.

If traveling out of the country – make a copy of your passport and try to use that when possible rather than the real thing. Will also help if you lose the real one.

Don’t be too trusting of the security of your belongings in the hotel room – cleaning and maintenance people have access when you are out.

Be Safe and have a great summer.

Riverside Drive Burglaries

Bibb County deputies are investigating a string of burglaries that occurred at 4100 Riverside Drive between the late hours of April 6 and the early morning hours of April 7.

Ridge Avenue Hold-Up

A Ridge Avenue resident said he answered his front door late Monday afternoon to find three men there, one of whom pulled a gun on him.

Vacation Security Tips

A lot of people are headed away from home this week to visit family for Easter and other spring holidays.  While you are away there are simple precautions you should consider taking to protect your home while you are away.

Arm your alarm system.

Stop deliveries of the newspaper or get a neighbor to collect your mail and newspaper for you while you are away.

Unplug possible fire hazards.

Lock all doors and windows.

If you leave the trash out for pickup ask a friend or neighbor to put it back for you.

Store valuables in a safe place.

Avalanche Break-in

I don’t know where this article originated from but it is worth reading.

You’ll find this interesting.  The criminals are getting smarter all the time.

This is a true story.
I am sharing it with you in the hope that it will inform you of
the potential of theft to your property and the prevention of it.

Don’t be complacent, take a little extra time….be smarter than the thief.

Look at the picture following this letter.

I drove myself and two co-workers to lunch Monday, 2/15/10. I chose a parking spot in the rear of the lot and backed into a space (no pull through available at location). This positioned my Chevy Avalanche with the passenger side doors facing away from the rest of the lot and to the end of the lot. I had a Sony digital camera lying on the console of my truck.. Upon returning from lunch and entering the vehicle we noticed nothing wrong or missing from the vehicle. Tuesday around lunch time I needed the camera and could not locate it. My first thoughts were, “I moved it or it fell to the floor mat or I removed it from my truck.” After searching feverishly for two days, questioning anyone who had been close to my truck, and exhausting every possible location I could have put it, I began to have that sinking feeling I lost it or someone stole it. My new Garmin GPS had been in the truck the whole time, so I felt as if someone had entered my vehicle they would have taken it also. Fast forward to Wednesday, I approached my truck from the passenger side to place my computer bag (aka my man purse) in the front passenger seat. As I reached to open the door I noticed there was a hole right under my door handle. My first thought was, “someone has shot my truck !” I began to think about it and inspect it a little closer and the “light” slowly began to come on. I phoned my friend who owns a body shop and asked if he had any vehicles with damage to the doors that looked like a bullet hole. “Yes, I see it all the time. Thieves have a punch and place it right under the door handle, knock a hole through, reach in and unlock it, just as if they have a key. No alarms, broken glass or anything.

I then placed a call to my insurance agent, who is also a friend, and explained it to him. I proceeded to tell him the situation and how I was puzzled that they left my GPS and all other belongings. Here is where it gets scary ! “Oh no, he said, they want the break-in to be so subtle that you don’t even realize it. They look at your GPS to see where “home” is. Now they know what you drive, go to your home, and if your vehicle isn’t there they assume you aren’t and break in your home.” He says they will even leave a purse or wallet and only take one or two credit cards. By the time you realize there has been a theft, they may have already had a couple days or more to use them. This is another reason they want the break-in to go unnoticed. I didn’t realize my situation for two full days! They even give you the courtesy of re-locking your doors for you. I guess they don’t want it to be broken into by other thieves !

Had they have found your check book, they could have taken checks from the middle section so they wouldn’t be noticed.

Please remove from your GPS unit your home address as “home” ASAP ! Put in your local Wal-Mart address or some where else !  Park your vehicle in a highly visible place. I positioned mine perfectly for them and didn’t realize it until it was too late. I hope this is beneficial to you and helps you keep your valuables in your possession and your vehicle from damage. Most importantly, it may keep the thieves from showing up at your home !


Periodically walk around your car, daily if you are in a shopping center or other parking area. Report thefts immediately….Bank w/missing check numbers, Credit card agencies, Police, and Insurance Companies.