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Old Style Intercom

Old Style Intercom

Does your old home intercom system leave something to be desired?

Is it a decorative disaster?

Do you wish it had more options?

Is it being held together by duct tape?

Does it even work anymore?




We can now offer you a modern, functional and whole house intercom retrofit solution.


M&S Retrofit Intercom Package

M&S Retrofit Intercom Package


We can retrofit most older M&S Intercom and Nutone Intercom systems without leaving ugly holes in your walls. 


This Model Music/Communication System Master (White, Almond and Black colors available)) is a full-function intercom and music distribution system designed for residential use. The system supports up to 15 room stations and up to three door speakers. The built-in AM/FM radio tuner allows setting eight AM station presets and eight FM station presets. The backlit liquid crystal display shows the operation mode, audio source, radio frequency, volume setting, and time. With the optional Model  iPlay® Dock or  CD/MP3 player installed, the display shows the disc number selected and the track number currently playing.

Room stations have pushbuttons that control the system operation.  WE have units available to retrofit 3, 4 and  6-wire intercom system installations. All room station models can select talk or listen to other room stations, door speakers and the master unit. Each has an intercom volume control. Pressing the privacy button on a room station prevents that room from being monitored. 

The optional three-note Model MC3 or eight-note Model MC8 chime modules provide a selection of door chime sounds.