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Turnstile Gates/Metal Detectors



The most common type of turnstile gate will be used in an outdoor application to control foot traffic access through a fence line where you want higher security than a standard swinging gate that can easily be left or propped open.


We can provide a complete installation from start to finish including integration with various types of access control equipment.


Metal Detectors


• Program modes for either 1-zone, 6-zone, 11-zone or 33-zone detection
• Detects up to thirty three (33) over-lapping zones.
• Simple installation & operation. Optional casters ensures easy mobility.
• Sensitivity for each zone is adjustable in increments 0-300
• 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) LCD screen
• Infrared remote control
• Supports TCP/IP communication
• Sound & LED alarms located on both sides clearly indicate precisely where metal is detected.
• Automatically counts people and alarms
• Distinguishes between dangerous metal objects from harmless objects including wristwatch, belts and coins
• Secure operation. Only authorized personnel can access the control panel.
• Easy assembly: Ships with only 2 pieces, cables and 8 screws. Simple to follow instructions.
• No need for manual calibration. Unit runs self-diagnostics and re-calibrates with each power-on
• Completely safe to operate and walk through. Harmless to heart pacemaker, pregnant women,
magnetic storage media, etc.
• Durable fire-retardant construction
• Modular design makes parts replacement and maintenance simple and easy.
• 4-8 hours backup battery (optional)

Models with varying features available



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