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Silent Knight 2820 – Regency 4720 Operating Instructions

SYSTEM TEST To initiate a system test, press the test button then enter the master operating code.  The system will perform a display lamp test, bell test, and communicator test.
RESETTING ALARMS To reset the panel from an alarm condition, enter a valid operating code.
ALARM MEMORY DISPLAY To display the current alarm memory, press the alarm memory key.  It is recommended that you clear the alarm memory after displaying it, to avoid mistaking old alarms for the new ones (see Clear Alarm Memory below).
CLEAR ALARM MEMORY Alarm memory is automatically cleared the next time the system is armed.  You may also clear it by pressing the mute key followed by the alarm memory key.
BYPASSING/UNBYPASSING To bypass or unbypass a zone, enter the zone number followed by the bypass key and a valid operating code.  The zone will automatically be unbypassed when the system is disarmed.
DISPLAY BYPASSED ZONES To display zones that are currently bypassed, press the bypass key if the system is disarmed.  If the system is armed, press the bypass key then a valid operating code.



To display trouble conditions or zones that are not ready, press the status key.
SILENCE TROUBLES To silence a trouble condition, press the mute key twice.
SET TIME To enter the set time mode, press the digit “9,” then the test key, then the master code.  The time must be entered using a string of 6 digits.  The first digit is the day of the week (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, etc.).  The second digit indicates a.m. or p.m.  Enter a “0” for a.m. and a “1” for p.m.  The last 4 digits are the actual time.  FOR EXAMPLE:  To set the time of “Wednesday a.m. 9:30,” you would enter the following digits:  3, 0, 0, 9, 3, 0.



To add or change operating codes, press the digit “7” then the test key, followed by code 1.  Press test again.  The display will show the code you entered.  If you wish to change this code, press the clear key followed by the new access code, then the test key.  The display will now show the next code in the sequence.  Repeat steps from “pressing the clear key” down to the “test key” for each code you wish to change.  To bypass a code you do not wish to change, press the test key.  The display will now show the next code in the sequence.  To jump over more than one code, press the chime key, then the I.D. number of the code you wish to change, followed by the test key.  When finished, press test, mute, mute to exit programming mode.
CODE 2 If you system is programmed for code 2 use, this means your system has codes that will arm only when the code 2 feature is not activated and arm/disarm when code 2 is activated.  To enable code 2, press the code 2 key followed by a primary code (slots 0 through 9).  At this time, code 2 will be enabled, and the system will be armed, and any code in slots 11 through 20 will arm and disarm until such time as the system is disarmed by a primary code (0 through 9).


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