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Intrusion Panels

Most systems available have home automation and control available to make your home or business as comfortable and friendly as you would like.

Premium Systems with Encrypted Communication are recommended

Encryption protects against hackers using replay and other attacks to defeat your system.  Many of our newer systems employ encryption for more secure protection.


Encrypted systems include:

Qolsys IQ4

2GIG Edge


Alula Connect+


DSC Powerseries PRO


Cellular/Internet Communication and Interactive Services

We offer several alternatives to phone line communications that can not only replace the need for a phone line but also enhance the security and convenience of your home. 

Alarm.Com is offered on our IQ2 systems, GC2 system, NEO, iotega and Networx Systems.

Alarm.Com is probably the premier interactive services supplier in the security …



Our Connect+ Panels bring complete security and home automation into one platform. A modern design that is easy to install and blends into any environment. Professional security that is UL compliant, with blazing fast communications and control. Modular and customizable with snap-in modules for cellular backup, smart device control, and existing sensor take over.

GC2 – Standard Security with Touchscreen

Go!Control Control Panel One of the latest and most advanced security and home management solutions in the industry. 2gig introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system: Color Touch Screen Display Fully Self Contained Snap-in GSM Radio Remotely Control Panel Settings Two-way Voice Over cellular Over-the-air Update Functionality Built-in Z-Wave Home Control Customer Messaging …

iotega – Premium Encrypted No Keypad System

DSC’s new Iotega incorporates PowerG wireless technology—providing a fully encrypted security system with end-to-end 128-bit AES; two-way proximity sensors; built-in siren; visual verification; and 99 user codes—all accessible by remote, interactive smart services.

iotega supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, and Ethernet, together with optional 3G and LTE communicators which work with a …

NEO – Premium Encrypted Wired/Wireless Encrypted System

Four control panels ranging in capacity from 16 to 128 zones provide PowerSeries Neo with a reliable heartbeat to cater to a range of security system installations with even the most demanding partitioning requirements. These panels fully integrate with the extensive selection of PowerG- enabled devices which have been created with simplicity of installation …

QOLSYS IQ2+ – Premium Encrypted Solution


  HOME SECURITY Security is more than just scaring away intruders. It’s about having an easy to use home security system that works with your lifestyle and integrates all the innovations available with today’s technology.     CONTROL We live in a connected world, and your mobile device becomes a window into your home …

Specialty Sensors – Residential


Home Disaster Sensor – Protects against Flood, Freeze and Overheating. Compatible with any of our panels that can use wireless devices. Uses 3 zones to differentiate the trouble condition.


Driveway Sensor – Compatible with any of our panels that support wireless sensors. Much lower cost than standalone driveway alert units.


For sensing …

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